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My Syros
Bonus Card

My Syros Bonus Card, gives you unique offers of local businesses! Enjoy them in 3 simple steps:

1. Download my Syros App.
2. Go to a local store that has any offer.
3. Give your device to the cashier so you can redeem your offer.
4. Enjoy your offer!

About My Syros

My Syros application was created in order to act as your personal guide in Syros. Specifically, the application is an interactive accommodation guide, which has an improved route finding system with the local Bus Agency. It enables locals and travelers to discover a number of interesting places on the island, where they will have the choice of where to go. Also you can based on your interests find the right places for food, entertainment, activities etc.

Last but not least, it has a system of offers and discounts at local businesses which can be used by any user.


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