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Private Mentorship


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Enjoy Balanced Living

For busy business woman who are ready to reach their ideal health while enjoying balanced living. Sheila shares all the tools, tips and knowledge she’s gained to help you learn, grow and achieve your health goals. We focus on strengthening your intuitive body awareness, removing subconscious blocks and get you radiating from the inside out!

Plenty of time between each tip, so it’s not overwhelming

Bonus recipes for simple quick meals

Improve your health and make lasting changes

Links to helpful products making it more easy for you

All mentorship plans include:

1x 2-Hour Deep Dive Session – In this first session we explore the current state of your health and get a clear plan for where you want to be in the upcoming months.

3x 75-Minute Sessions per Month – You’ll get clarity toward next steps discovering and applying skills, tools, and inspired actions that take your health to the next level. We use a holistic intuitive approach, ensuring you stay connected to your deep inner truths.

Unlimited Email Access – In between sessions, questions may come up, feel free to contact me for support. I’ll reply within 24-48 hours!

What our subscribers think…

Pricing plans

Choose the plan that best fits your needs!

  • Jump Start

  • $1397/ once
    • 3 moths mentorship
    • unlimited email access
    • save $100

  • Ready to Rock

  • $2697/once
    • 6 months mentorship
    • unlimited email access
    • save $300

  • Birth the New You

  • $3997/once
    • 9 months mentorship
    • unlimited email access
    • save $500

Not sure if this is for you? Try a single 50 minutes consultation for $97 and find out!

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Health Tips Membership

The Health Tips Membership is designed specifically for people who are busy, want to be making healthy choices, but don’t have the time to keep up with all the latest health trends. Health Tip Girl makes it easy for you, by sending you 3 health tips a week. So you won’t get bogged down, and you’ll be able to chose 1 tip a week to apply into your routine.

Kitchen Makeover

Sheila’s 12+ years of experience with developing a healthy kitchen and relationship with food, make her the “Healthy Kitchen Queen!” What could seem like a nightmare to you, is simply a day of fun for her.

SPA Sessions

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Giving Back…

Part of helping make the world a more happy and healthy place, not only inside ourselves, is to give back to causes making strides in ways that really make a difference.

We give 10% of all our proceeds to people and places that inspire us. We see the difference they’re making in their own unique beautiful way and choose to support them.

A few of our favorite causes currently are Keep Austin Beautiful and Pronoia Now Network. Feel extra happy knowing that with each purchase you make, your money not only helps your health, it’s also making a difference : )